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MAXIMUMGRAPHICS digital printing processes have been developed specifically to address quality, efficiency and cost, using the latest in printing technology to deliver cutting edge digital printing options. Our advanced print-on-demand technology provides what you want when you want it. No more inventory, no more obsolete stock. Inventory or warehousing can be things of the past, and if you're a printer or wholesaler, no more prepress expenses associated with conventional printing processes.

MAXIMUMGRAPHICS digital printing is the future of printing and delivers high quality, quick turnarounds and shipped direct to customers. Apparel printed with digital speed and precision. Digital prints are created via CYMK inks when designing or submiting your artwork be sure to create in RGB the RIP software will convert to CMYK so color accuracy is as close as possible to what you see on screen. Due to different screen resolutions when viewing in RGB colors may shift as they are printed in CMYK.

Print file resolution (DPI): again, depends on the product, but should be at least 150 DPI, and no higher than 300—going beyond 300 DPI won’t improve the print quality, just increase file size.

Color profile: the final version of your print file should be saved in the sRGB color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1

Our DTG printers work with an upgraded CMYK color space where we’ve added more ink colors, allowing us to achieve print colors that normally fall outside of the CMYK color range. The closest color space to our upgraded CMYK is the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and that’s why we recommend it for print files.

When using our print on demand service make sure you are following the specs below:

- Artwork sRGB color settings
- Artwork PNG no background
- Artwork resolution 150 dpi minimum - 300 dpi maximum
- Artwork cropped all four sides with no dead space

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